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« KRCR News Channel 7 Daybreak at 6 AM (New)
Good Morning America (HD, New, TV-G) Robin Roberts tours the sets of "Scandal," "Grey's Anatomy" and "How to Get Away with Murder" and talks to writer and producer Shonda Rhimes.
The Doctors Feeding Tube Diet; Baby's Head Grows Three Times Its Normal Size; The Real Deal (New, TV-PG) The Doctors discuss a new trend of dieting by eating through a tube and beauty practices that could actually damage skin's complexion.
The Beverly Hillbillies Elly Comes Out (TV-G) Granny decides that a sure-fire way of finding Elly a man is to hold a coming out party for her; Drysdale asks his wife to help with the planning.
The Donna Reed Show My Dad (TV-PG) Despite being entered into a father/son golf tournament together with Jeff, Alex is called away due to a medical emergency that keeps him away.
I Love Lucy The Black Wig (TV-PG) Lucy plans to wear a black wig to test Ricky's faithfulness and fidelity, but Ricky is tipped off and flirts back to teach Lucy a lesson.
Leave It to Beaver The Cookie Fund (TV-G) Roger Delacy talks Beaver and Larry into loaning him money from the cookie fund then denies the debt.
Leave It to Beaver Forgotten Party (TV-G) Beaver promises a friend that he will attend his party and then forgets and can't be found anywhere.
Daniel Boone The Desperate Raid (TV-G) In order to deliver supplies to a besieged frontier fort, Daniel and a newly promoted army lieutenant are forced to employ a band of fugitives from justice.
« Three Violent People (TV-PG, NR, **+) A family feud erupts when a Confederate soldier and his new wife return to his family ranch in Texas.
One Foot in Hell (TV-PG, NR, **+) A man's wife dies due to pregnancy problems because he didn't have the money to purchase medicine for her, so he vows revenge on entire town.
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (TV-PG, NR, ***) A legendary gunfight takes place in Tombstone, Arizona, when Wyatt Earp and his deputies face off against the villainous and troublemaking Clanton Gang.
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